Tools for Social Networking

When I began social networking I navigated this hemisphere blindly. My thought was to check in at myspace or Facebook occasionally to see what friends and coworkers were up to. I thought that StumbleUpon and Twitterwere fads that would be short lived and not vital to the networking stream. My outlook on the subject has evolved and today I am wiser, so I wanted to share with you what I am using for social networking and how.

WordPressFree blog hosting

Google MailFor, well, all of my email

Google ReaderFor one-stop access to RSS feeds of blogs that I follow and want to share with others. If I find an article interesting but haven’t the time to read I’ll “star” it. When I do read an article that I think warrants sharing I “share” it. This is all quite simple and helps are available.

Google+To stay connected to friends and family, and industry networks.

box– cloud storage for storing files and folders.

Slide ShareTo store my PowerPoint presentations to share on my blog.

YouTube– for sharing videos

Deliciousfor Bookmarking blogs and articles of interest.

LinkedInTo share in professional networks and job search.

FacebookTo stay connected to friends and family, and industry networks.

TwitterTo share links of interest, professional networking, job search, and to learn more about my interests in real-time.

TweetDeckA desktop application used to follow my favorite tweeters, my Facebook friends and associates, and follow my community updates from LinkedIn.

bit.lyTo get shortened http address for sites that I share on twitter.

MySpaceI previously used to follow my coworkers and employees. Currently I do not use this.

What’s in your toolkit?


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