Thank You for visiting my site. First and foremost I am The Mom, an eclectic home school teacher/principal, cook, chauffeur, referee, peace keeper, personal assistant, and banker to three wonderful teenage boys.

My passion is education. I thoroughly enjoy learning, sharing knowledge, and teaching. The most rewarding aspect of teaching is when a student has that “aha” moment when an idea or concept being taught is understood. I believe that learning is a lifelong process that should never end until our time has expired. 

In addition to being Mom, educator, and student I am a graphic designer with 20 years specializing in advertising, branding, and marketing I hold three degrees. The first degree I earned is an Associate of Science in Printing Technology. My second degree is a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resources. Lastly, is a Master of  Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing. I intend to pursue a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Management.